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Wish Bracelets

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Metal Color

When you put on Wish Bracelets, you make a wish, then legends say that if you don’t take off the bracelet and wear it until the thread breaks, that your wish will come true.  Our Wish Bracelets come with a beautiful colored quartz stone, then fashioned with gold and turquoise beads on matching thread color.

  • The quartz stone is about ½ inch (1.3cm) diameter
  • Bracelet size is adjustable from 7 inches (18cm) to 11 ¾ inches (30cm)
  • It’s has a lace-up clasp, that you can just pull the strings to adjust 
  • Can be worn on wrist or ankle
  • Stone is surrounded by gold and turquoise beads
  • Comes in Red, Turquoise, Pink, Blue, White, Black, and Purple
Makes a great gift

Wish Bracelets make great gifts for any any occasion, but especially for birthdays.  They are good for boys, girls, men and women.

Wish Bracelets or Fortune Bracelets

They remind you to think positive thoughts which are the beginning, the seed of all action: put the bracelet one and make a wish. Thereafter rub the beads often and visualize your wishes have already come true. Once the bracelet falls off, all your wish energy is released to the Universe and returns when it has run its course. That is why you need to make a wish with a pure and generous heart.

How it works? 

The Law of Attraction states that you lure what you hold on the inside, and your thoughts are the base of what you are. If your desires are great, you build energy inside, which signifies your feelings. Consequently, it draws positive events like a magnet and attracts what it lures.

Color Meanings
  • Red - Harmony, Love
  • Turquoise - Healing, Balance, Bliss
  • Pink - Romance, Tenderness
  • Blue - Health, Comfort, Fertility
  • White - Peace, Protection
  • Black - Resolutions, Willpower
  • Purple - Imagination, Spirituality

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