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  • Fidget Spinner Ring
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Fidget Spinner Ring

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The Fidget Spinner Ring is a perfect ring to get you through stressful and overwhelming situations without being a distraction to others or appearing unprofessional. This ring features an inner band locked inside the main band that can be spun manually.

  • Crafted from high quality solid stainless steel
  • Rust, tarnish and corrosion resistant
  • Ring width is ¼ inch (6mm)
  • Rose Gold Color
  • Hypoallergenic
Fidget Spinner Ring Uses

Fidgeting is the act of moving about restlessly, often as a result of nervousness, impatience, or boredom. ADHD experts have suggested that fidgeting is associated with the level of stimulation we receive. If something is not able to hold our attention, fidgeting increases attentiveness by distracting the part of the brain that is ‘bored’ in order to allow the other parts to focus. Fidgeting is also a natural response that helps manage high levels of stress.

Makes a great gift

The Fidget Spinner Ring makes a great gift for the stressed out women in your life, and even a great gift for yourself.  Give the gift of relaxation that they can have with them at all times.

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