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Dragon Ring

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Our Dragon Ring is the one ring that every guy would enjoy.  It’s made of black stainless steel forged into a comfortable band, then inlaid with a carbon fiber dragon pattern.  There’s a color that would look good on everyone.

  • Made of the Black Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Fiber Dragon Inlay
  • 2.5mm width
  • Comfort band

Celtic Dragon meaning

Celtic Dragon design brings energy in life to its holder. Knots and spirals are never ending lines, which signifies ancient Celts belief in eternal life, and its harmony with nature, and divine.

Dragons are powerful figures in fantasy and mythology, and there are many types of dragons portrayed in popular media and literature, from simple lizard-like dragons to dominating medieval creatures to fierce yet benevolent Asian dragons. Dragons symbolize power, confidence, protection, and longevity, qualities that are also suitable for a marriage. In certain cultures, dragons have additional symbolism, such as the lucky quality of protective dragons in Chinese and other Asian cultures. Depending on how the dragon is portrayed, it can also be considered a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and personal power, all of which are desirable in a marriage.

Makes a great gift

Our Dragon Ring makes a great gift for that special guy in your life or even a great gift for yourself.  

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